Thibault Seynaeve

[tee-bow say-navy]
1. A creature native to the digital ecosystem, skilled at manifesting captivating designs and engaging user interfaces.
2. A creature of nocturnal habits, spotted frequently in the glow of a computer screen, fuelled by a passion for storytelling through creative video editing.
(see also: Webdesign, Webflow, interface design, digital marketing, video editing)

User Experience

My passion is to take complex pieces of software and design intuitive interfaces that are not only functional but also truly resonate with users and meet business needs. I'm skilled at User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, UI Design, prototyping and even a bit of Visual Design.

Webdesign / dev

My experience in webdesign and webdevelopment allows me to create better designs that are visually captivating and functionally robust. This technical background also helps me to create user experiences that don't only work on paper, but are also possible on a technical level.

Digital Marketing

Thanks to my background in digital marketing, I'm able to craft digital marketing strategies that drive engagement, increase conversions and contribute to business growth. I especially love to combine high quality content with organic marketing (SEO and Social Media)

Video Productions

There's a unique magic that comes alive when stories are told through the dynamic medium of video. I have a deep-seated passion for the power of video to evoke emotions, spark conversations and bring ideas to live.

Pirate PR

As the captain of Pirate PR, I'm steering the coolest ship that's ever sailed the high seas of the gaming industry. I'm responsible for managing our budget like the tightest treasure chest, setting up tailored packages for clients and ensuring our KPIs are met. It's a rough tide to ride, but there's no other journey I'd rather embark on.


1. having or showing the ability to make good judgements, typically demonstrated by hiring Thibault Seynaeve for your creative projects.
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